Some visiting place of Japla

  • Dewri Cement Factory:
    Currently, this factory is closed, all politicians promises that they will reopen it but no one had even tried to do so and people of japla are facing its effect.
  • Harhi Nadi:
    It is a small river normally used by washers and is totally depend on canal passing by.
  • Son Nadi:
    It is a large river located about 3 km from japla and is a best place for tourism and picnic.
  • Bhathi Mohalla:
    Place where variety of wine are sold, and hence is a good site for drinkers.
  • Lambi Gali:
    Longest gali of japla
  • Gandhi Chowk:
    Main chowk of japla, which is also known by Indra Chowk, as it contains a well in the middle.
  • Ambedkar Chowk:
    This chowk is located in the centre of vegetable market, and nearby of goverment hospital and police station of Japla.
  • J.P. Chowk:
    Chowk near railway station named after Jai Prakash Narayan.
  • Dinesh Chowk:
    It is situated on Nahar More from where Japla’s area ends.